Toffoli Giochi

The objective of the company is satisfy what the children want with the creation of items for the game and the life outdoor. With the passing of the years, has been able to meet the needs of the market looking for a balance between quality and price.

Ideas are our base and this is thanks to a team of young and enterprising employees who develop high-quality projects always imagining the needs of children.

You will be surprised for timeliness and friendliness! Is our slogan but also a philosophy: living work, ensuring always an excellent service also after-sales.


The raw materials used are of the highest quality: pipe of pine Nordic wood 90x90 mm impregnated. The impregnation is done with products to salts and precisely with a solution TANALITH E3462, like the European Norm of control EN113.

The treatment is performed according to the normative with class of impregnation IV that certificate the products for the outdoor. The woods part are in Finnish birch with phenolic adhesive that, treated in according to a process of our work, with a good weathering resistance.

The polyethylene used for the spring toy is HDPE (high density) resistant ray UV. Is characterized by a high tensile strength, easily worked and recyclable. The surface is characterized by a slight embossing that greater emphasis to the finish of the material.

The rotational polyethylene is the material most commonly used in a products. Rotational molding is a process that allows the production of hollow bodies in a single piece without the need for welding.

This technology eliminates the presence of sharp points and rough, providing excellent durability against weathering.


Since different years we are followed by Istituto Italiano Sicurezza dei Giocattoli, which certifies the products in according with the European Norm EN1176 with rigorous quality standards. All products are covered by an insurance policy issued by the company Alleanza Toro Spa.

With the passing of years, we have increased the knowledge and experience in the design of new products or customized products. In these moment we used program of 2D and 3D that allowing the development individual articles or complete projects.

Our staff is highly trained to respond to the needs of the customer and we are always available to provide certification, technical details, installation instruction and other information that are necessary to better satisfy the demands.

Toffoli Giochi creates articles for the game and the great outdoors pine Nordic wood Finnish birch with phenolic adhesive rotational polyethylene Products certified in according with the European Norm EN1176 Design of new products or customized products